Savannah Ghost Tours at the Old Pink House

The Old Pink House

A usual stop on one of the Savannah Ghost Tours is the Old Pink House. Built in 1771 by James Habersham Jr., the Old Pink House has stood as a Savannah landmark for many years. James was a Revolutionary War hero who quickly won the rank of “major”. His home was built of red bricks which were covered in white plaster. The red of the brick actually bled through the plaster giving the house a pink color. James was not fond of pink so he would paint the house white again, yet each time the brick would turn the house pink again.

Even though the home would turn pink, James loved it. He lived there with his wife and three boys. The home survived the fire of 1820, the war of 1812 and made its way through the civil war as well. In the nineteen-twenties, the home was purchased by a woman who decided that if the house wanted to be pink, let it be pink. Today the all pink home sits on Abercorn as a restaurant and tavern.

As most Savannah Ghost Tours will tell you, the Old Pink House is haunted by several spirits. The restaurant is said to be haunted by the spirit of James Habersham himself. Every Employee has claimed to see him walking among the rooms and halls of the Old Pink House.

There is a second spirit in the home that appears to be a soldier from the Revolutionary War. He can be seen sitting at the bar ordering a drink. Most people think he may be a Savannah Ghost Tours guide in period costume, that is, until he vanishes!

The spirit of a former servant as well as several slave children seems to have found a home in the basement of the Old Pink House. They are a mischievous bunch and love locking patrons in the restrooms!

On September 6, 2011 a security camera caught some amazing ghost footage at the Old Pink House. In the video, you see a form appear, float down the hall and then disappear. Many things are still seen at the Old Pink House while eating and while on a Savannah Ghost Tour. Yet, these spirits seem to be a very friendly bunch!

If you are interested in patronizing the Old Pink House you may call them at (912) 232-4286