Time and again Savannah has been labeled among the most haunted places in America and when you take a tour with us here at Haunted Savannah Tours it’s easy to see why.

On our tours we take you along a path of locations with proven history and proven experiences held by people just like you. And we even show you real paranormal evidence along the way; just a little cherry on the top to really show why we’re considered among the most haunted places in America.

The tour is conducted by actual paranormal investigators with years of experience under their belt. Coupled with the story telling abilities this is truly a ghost hunters tour but it’s for everyone! Our 8PM tour is all-ages accessible and a treat for the whole family. We’ve visit the cities oldest cemeteries, see locations where actual bodies of victims of yellow fever were stuffed and many other atrocities that has happened throughout the city.

Still not sold? There’s more reasons to consider Savannah among the most haunted places in America…

Then we invite you to join us for our 10PM tour. This tour is NOT all-ages and you must be 18+ to tag along. But here you’ll hear stories of voodoo and mysticism, murders, suicides and much more. Our 10PM Spirits and Scoundrels tours goes deep and it goes dark and gives you a look at some of our darkest history here in Savannah.

Still not sold? Consider that Savannah is home to some of the most famously haunted places in America such as The Sorrel-Weed House, The Pink House, The Pirates House, River Street, 17hundred90, and many more locations you know you’re in for a good time. Be sure to select a tour that has an amazing reputation and has won many words such as Haunted Savannah Tours.