Bonaventure Cemetery is an amazing location. It’s a sight to see. So many people visit this history cemetery and very few do not experience something.

Bonaventure Cemetery is home to little Gracie Watson. Arguably it’s most famous inhabitant. From her plaque she died of pneumonia at the age of 6 and it’s said that she haunts the statue that sits at her resting place. Her actual grave is fenced off by hundreds of people leave tokens of affection every year for her. And many claim to hear her cry if one of these items are removed. Many have claimed to even see blood coming from her eyes when this happens.

You’ll also hear stories about Hell Hounds that guard the grounds. Though actual sightings are few many have claimed to feel their presence, and feel their breath at their legs. No one’s ever been harmed by them.

Legend and myths and stories have claimed that the various statues in the cemetery move around. Some even state that they’ve literally turned around and back again and see the same statue on the other side of the lane from where it previously stood. The Angel statues, in particular, have been said to glare at people.

These are just the tip of the ice for our Bonaventure Cemetery.

Investigators have even attempted to use their equipment in the day with amazing results. We once got a report of some folks using a ghost box during their first visit ever here. And that a voice through the ghost box lead them to different monuments and statues and eventually stopped at little Gracie’s grave… then audible laughter in the distance was heard.

We still get many reports even to this day. Ghost, ghouls, statues coming to life, and much more. What do you have to say? Have you ever experienced anything at Bonaventure Cemetery?