Why take our Haunted Savannah Tours when you visit Savannah GA?


Some families plan their vacations to visit Savannah GA months ahead of time and the one thing they always do is take our famous Haunted Savannah Tours. We were the first to offer real paranormal evidence on our ghost tours for those folks who visit Savannah GA. We’ve carved and created a truly unique tour for you, our guests, and we live up to the hype!

Savannah is THE place to be in the south. We’ve got it all! Culture, entertainment, sights, you name it. But nothing quite compares to our haunted history. Indeed, from building to building, cobblestone to cobblestone, it feels like everywhere has a story to tell you when you visit Savannah GA.

We encourage our participants to bring their own equipment along and take pictures, record audio, and see what they get on our tours. We take you into the nooks and crannies of this city when you visit Savannah GA for one of our ghost tours.

We’re also one of the few tours available that’s conducted by actual, real, paranormal investigators. This isn’t just a business to us; it’s a way of life. Our founder, Chris Allen, has been involved in the field long before deciding to start this company. He has assisted in previous tours, investigations, charity events, and much more.

Our original tour starts at 8PM and is considered to be a true ghost hunters tour. This tour begins at Lafayette Square and makes it’s way to one of Savannah’s oldest cemeteries where you learn what makes Savannah the Most Haunted City in America. The tour then continues down the shadowy lanes and cobblestone streets where you will hear about the dark Savannah history and her many undead inhabitants. Who still lurks in that old mansion looming on the corner? What secrets are buried under Wright Square?

Are you hooked? Of course you are. Click here for more details!