Savannah Ghost Tours

Savannah Ghost Tours Guide Chris

One of the most asked question I usually receive is what got me into doing Savannah Ghost Tours. Have I ever had any ghostly sightings in my personal life or on a Savannah Ghost Tours? I always joke and say that the answer is a whole tour by itself. Well, friends, let me begin…at the beginning!

My story begins in a town in North Georgia called Marietta. I was young, so young in fact that I have a very faded memory of the event that took place, so this is pieced together with parts I remember and parts I have been told. I would spend lots of time at my Grandparents home while my parents were away at work. They say, in the home, I would often see a man that no one else could see. However, whenever I would see this man, the room would be covered in a cigar smell. A few years later, my Grandmother and myself were going through old family pictures when one in particular caught my eye. It was the man I used to see. It turns out, it was my Great-Grandfather Jack who had died years before my birth. So, you may say, I began seeing ghost at a very early age.

My family has always been one to believe in ghost and the paranormal, so I was never told they didn’t exist. What really helped me later on in life and starting the Savannah Ghost Tours would be that I spent so much time with my Grandparents. I could read at a high level at a very early age and my Grandparents had a large collection of books that I would delve into and spend all day being lost in. If you saw me and I didn’t have a book in my hand, something was wrong! The large majority of these books were about Ghost, the Paranormal and the Occult. I was reading about Hans Holzer and the Warrens at 5 years old and fell in love with the research they would do. I would be lost forever in the mysteries behind Sacred Sites and Phantom Encounters.

When I turned two, my parents and I moved from Marietta to 20 miles West in Paulding County, GA. They had found a few acres on a mountain top and built the place I would call home for the next 26 years. This is where the majority of my childhood sightings occurred. To give you an idea of why this home could have been haunted, the land it was built upon was once used to mine for gold and copper. At the end of the dead-end road I grew up on was Paulding Counties first “city”. It was now nothing but ruins in the middle of the woods, but it was a small mining town. While in this home my parents and I had some pretty strange paranormal activity. We would hear footsteps come through the back door and kitchen cabinets would open. We would sometimes hear the sounds of pots and pans rattling in the kitchen late at night and the smell of burnt toast would cover the home. This is also where I experimented on my first paranormal investigations which would later turn into full Investigations and Savannah Ghost Tours. I would set up crude 1980’s style cassette recorders and Camcorder in hopes to catch paranormal activity in my home.

I had several more sightings over the years, some minor others major. When I turned 16, I found some friends who shared my passion for the paranormal and we started an “investigation group” that would visit local cemeteries at night and practice. In 2002, after graduating high school, I co-founded the Paulding Paranormal Society with my good friend Billy Engler. We began to get calls in immediately from distraught people who were haunted by unseen forces. Things began to grow from there. My first Ghost Tour was in Paulding County, GA at one of the areas oldest cemeteries. I thought I had found my calling, it was great! in 2011 I moved to Savannah and started doing Savannah Ghost Tours. Savannah is really one of the few places where you can truly make a living doing Ghost Tours and doing what you really love.

I feel extremely blessed to be doing Savannah Ghost Tours. It is a field I am really very happy in. I appreciate and look forward to meeting every single guest on my Savannah Ghost Tours. I do this for them. It took a lot of work to get here. Years of research went into my tours because I don’t want to just bring my guest story tours, these are experience tours, and with Haunted Savannah Tours you are in for quite an experience!